Why Dynamic Trade Group?​


  • Licensed customhouse broker, ECoP ITAR accredited compliance professional and freight forwarder who understands your business model.​

  • A combined 25+ years of compliance, brokerage and freight forwarding experience​

  • DTG supplements your staff allowing you to provide value add services to clients without the in-house time burden​

  • In-depth research to ensure due diligence and regulatory compliance​

  • Projects completed at the tempo and pace of your needs​

  • Contract per project, hour or retainer. 


DTG will always give consideration to questions and issues which arise during the course of business. Dynamic has a network of trade lawyers, customs house brokerage specialists and logistic technicians that, depending upon commodity and circumstance, can be brought into the conversation or provided a referral if required.





 ​Dynamic Trade Group LLC     Bill Keebler/ LCB     billk@dynamictradegroup.com     (206) 678-7436      www.dynamictradegroup.com    ​