Why Dynamic Trade Group?​


COVID-19, Section 301 tariffs, pending USMCA have dramatically altered supply chains.

US special duties and retaliatory duties from other countries have made international business transactions more difficult and expensive. Enforcement of regulations has increased as have physical and virtual scrutiny of shipments.

Importers and exporters must be resourceful and agile to deal with sudden changes and disruptions.

More than ever before, strong compliance efforts are essential.

  • Licensed customhouse brokers, ECoP ITAR accredited compliance professionals who understands your international business needs.​

  • A combined 25+ years of compliance, brokerage and freight forwarding experience​

  • Supplementing your staff by providing value add services in import or export compliance, supply chain and logistics

  • Investigative regulatory research to ensure your due diligence and regulatory compliance​

  • Projects completed at the tempo and pace of your company's needs​






Dynamic has a network of compliance partners which include FDA/medical device consultants, freight forwarders and supply chain technicians that depending upon commodity and circumstance, can be brought into consultation or provided mutual introductions.



Professional Affiliations: 

National Customs Brokers/Freight Forwarders Assoc. of America (NCBFFA)​

International Compliance Professionals Assoc. (ICPA) ​

Society for International Affairs​ (SIA)

Custom Brokers and International Freight Forwarders of Washington State (CBIFFAWS)



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